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    The carrier of bacterial agents is a sick person who releases the virus into the environment throughout the entire period of the illness. The virus can be released not only during the act of breathing or in the process of excrement. Often, the release of pathogenic bacteria is carried out through tears. It is important to know that after a person has had one type of adenovirus infection, he has the opportunity to become infected with another type of virus.
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    The adaptation period of the virus begins as soon as it has entered the human body. effexor, this period lasts from one to thirteen days. During this period of time, several pathological processes are observed simultaneously: attachment of pathogenic microorganisms to healthy cells; the introduction of bacteria into cells; the infected bacterium replaces the affected cell, as a result of which it dies. After the primary infection of the cell, the virus spreads throughout the body. This period takes ten to fifteen days.
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    • With the blood flow, bacterial agents spread throughout the body and can infect
    • The sequence of organs that the virus infects
    • Successive infection also entails a sequence of symptoms

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Stages of manifestation of symptoms of adenovirus infection in children and adults: elementary. The severity of symptoms depends on the state of the immune system (it can be acute or offensive). The first symptoms: chills, mild headache, general body aches. After a few days, the temperature may rise by several degrees. At the same time, the nose is stuffy, the tonsils are slightly inflamed; the second stage - the virus infects the pharynx, trachea and venlafaxine. Bronchitis appears, the patient himself notes hoarseness or loss of voice.

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Later, this clinic is supplemented by the following manifestations: dry cough, wheezing on inhalation and exhalation, shortness of breath; at the third stage, the mucous membrane of the eye is affected, which entails cramps and pain in the eyes, abundant discharge of fluid from them, hyperemia and edema; the last stage - the virus infects the intestinal mucosa. In this case, pain in the navel and in the right lower abdomen can be easily confused with appendicitis. In this case, you need to urgently consult a doctor (in case of an acute form, hospitalization is indicated).

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Adenovirus infection carries complications only in some cases (their manifestation is purely individual). More often complications appear against the background of too weakened immunity.

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Complications in adults and children can be: adenovirus pneumonia. In children, it appears suddenly, in adults - four days after the onset of the disease.

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The weakness of the body increases, cough and temperature increase; otitis. Inflammation of one ear or bilateral damage to the hearing aid is a common complication in many diseases from the ARVI group; disturbances in the work of the cardiovascular system. But this complication makes itself felt only after a severe form of adenovirus infection; pneumonia.

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Independently, without the intervention of doctors, it will not be possible to diagnose adenovirus infection. Diagnostics should take place over several days, when one examination is replaced by another, which gives the doctor the opportunity to observe the complete picture of inflammation (dynamics).

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